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Sight and Sound is our quarterly Minnesota based visual artist feature. We are proud to partner with aspiring and established artists and invite them to show off what they do best.

January – March 2018 – ILLOSHOW 

illowshow-e1514829166559.jpg January – March 2018

Closing Reception: Friday, March 30

Calvin A.
Sishir Bommakanti
Jullie Van Grol
Kyle Harabedian
Sherry Muyuan He
Isabela Cruz Holguin
Xiaolie Liu
Alex Mitchell
Joe Neumann
James O’Brien
Violeta Rotstein
Kristin Tipping
Brandie Zaspel
Every quarter in 2018 Solid State Vinyl Records will host a new Sight and Sound art exhibit featuring Minnesota based artists. Quarter one will feature local illustrators in “ILLOSHOW”!
When not making work for clients, illustrators keep busy by creating personal work, work that aligns with their passions. It’s a daily regimen of exploration and experimentation, and keeping the wheels moving. This show is a collection of personal work by a smart group of illustrators associated with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Their work exemplifies their passions.
ILLOZINE is a quarterly zine about ideas and drawing, experimentation, self-expression, illustrators developing their personal vision or creating a new voice, breaking out of their routine, pushing their creativity. Curated by ILLOZINE publisher James O’Brien, artists featured in this show are up and coming illustrators and previous contributors to ILLOZINE.
Solid State Vinyl Records will host a closing reception for ILLOSHOW on Friday, March 30th from 6pm-8pm.

Now Accepting Applications For Summer (July – September) and Fall (October – December) Sight & Sound Events.

Applications For Sight & Sound 2018 Are Due March 31st, 2018.


Accessories to fit you and your lifestyle.

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Locally inspired and designed, we are the home to handbag designer, Engels by design.  Each of the products are handmade utilizing the raw edges of the leather, thus making everything look very natural and organic.

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