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4022 East 46th Street – MPLS, MN
Call us at 612.916.0990 and we will buy your unwanted media.
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Upcoming in-store performances:

Isaac Fromm & Henry Patterson – September 30

Audio from previous concerts:
Falcon Arrow – February 17, 2017
Graham Bramblett – March 11, 2017
Ellen Stekert – March 25, 2017

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Sight and Sound is our monthly Minnesota based visual artist feature. We are proud to partner with aspiring and established artists and invite them to show off what they do best.

August 2017 – Intrinsic Narrative

Intrinsic Narrativea group show that explores the metaphoric visual language each of the eight local artists utilize. This symbolic language imbued within each work of art allows the viewer to craft their own connections between the works, creating a personal and unique perspective, through the translation of visual language into verbal communication.

Art will be on display August 1st through the 30th.
We will host a reception on Thursday, August 17th from 6-8pm.
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Rose von Muchow
Havilah Aos
Torey Errin
Jesse Aylsworth
Nicole Thomas
Nathan Jorgenson
Kyren Stray
Harriet Matzdorf

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Accessories to fit you and your lifestyle.

  • Handbags
  • Jewelry
  • Home Accessories

Locally inspired and designed, we are the home to handbag designer, Engels by design.  Each of the products are handmade utilizing the raw edges of the leather, thus making everything look very natural and organic.

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